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Partial Discharge

We Wrote the Book on Partial Discharge Testing

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As the nation's leading provider of partial discharge testing and other no-outage inspections, we take pride in offering the best solutions for complete elimination of electrical failures. We are  dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

Don A. Genutis has been providing electrical testing services for over 30 years, authored over 40 publications and is one of the nation's foremost authority on applying non-intrusive techniques to determine electrical equipment condition without requiring an outage. It is because of his recognized dedication and passion for the field that Don has written the book on Partial Discharge Testing. 

Our goal is to provide the very best No Outage inspection services to help you prevent electrical failures completely. Because of our extensive experience, our field service engineers are among the best in the business. We strive to always deliver timely, top quality services. Here is a brief list of our services:

Cable Partial Discharge Testing

Detect insulation defects in splices and terminations safely without a outage.

Switchgear Partial Discharge Testing

Completely non-intrusive detection of internal or surface insulation problems.

Transformer Partial Discharge Testing

Detect insulation problems in dry type and cast coil transformers. Locate partial discharge sources within large oil-filled transformers. No outage needed.

Generator and Motor Partial Discharge Testing

Insulation condition assessment of rotating apparatus without an outage.

Substation and Switchyard Surveys

Identify faulty components using RFI instruments and corona cameras while the equipment remains in service.


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Acceptance Testing

  • NETA Testing and Maintenance
  • Electrical Testing
  • Power Transforwer Testing
  • Switchgear Testing
  • Megger Test
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  • Hi Pot Testing
  • Protective Relay Testing

Maintenance Testing

  • Inspection and Surveys
  • Service - Visual, Clean and Torque
  • Testing in accorance with NETA
  • Retrofits - Trip Units, Vacuum Upgrades
  • Retrofills - Direct Replacement Breakers and other devices
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No-Outage Testing

  • Partial Dischrage Infrared Surveys
  • Visual Inspections
  • Ultrasonic Inspections
  • Oil Sampling and Analysis

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  • Technical Assistance
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