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Essential Arc Flash Compliance


What is an Arc Flash & How Can we Ensure we are Compliant?

An arc flash is an electrical explosion that results from a short circuit that ionizes the air between conductors. Arc flashes commonly occur from tools, panels or other conductive items that accidentally contact the conductors. They can occur due a variety of reasons but often occur because of human error and most events are preventable.

Arc flashes occur without warning and so quickly that workers simply do not have time to react! This is why arc flash is one of the most disastrous hazards known to man, especially in the electrical field.

Not only is this risk completely preventable, but medical cost alone average 1.5 million for survivors. Much more important that financial consequences, is the value of human life.

What is done about this?

There are rules and regulations in place by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) that produced the NFPA Standard for workplace electrical safety. The National Fire Protection Agency Standard 70E for workplace electrical safety requires that there must be a label on all electrical equipment that informs workers of the type of protective equipment that must be worn to work on that specific electrical component.

How can we ensure electrical safety for your facility?

Halco Testing Services can help make sure your company is up-to-date with arc flash compliance, a fairly new standard.  For your safety and compliance, we provide Arc flash and Power System Studies to calculate the incident energy and determine the proper labeling required to avoid OSHA fines and penalties. This will ensure that your building is compliant according to the standards and regulations, but more importantly, that your building is safe.

If you know you are not compliant and need help with this, give us a call or send us an email and we will promptly respond with the right steps needed to ensure safety and NFPA 70E Compliance.

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We understand that as an engineer, manager or contractor you and need you and your team to be informed. We have created a FREE 4-page “Arc Flash: What you and your Team Need to Know” booklet that covers Arc Flash fines, Arc Flash Studies, Arc Flash Statistics, Arc Flash Compliance and Arc Flash Regulations.

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